September 24, 2012 at 1:53 pm

This Is My Jam Evolves Easier Listening with Genre, Artist Search

this is my jam artists genresThis Is My Jam confounds many of the trends at play in the internet music industry, such as million-song catalogs and the algorithmic analysis of trends, relying instead on forcing each user to select only one song at a time as their Jam, which can be automatically shared on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s an easy way to tell your friends about whatever song is ruling your world at a particular time. But when it comes to finding stuff it listen to, This Is My Jam can be a little trickier. As with Twitter, you need to follow people in order to hear their Jams (although you can always peruse the most popular Jams, find suggested people to follow, hear random Jams, or turn your Jams or Likes — or those of anyone else on the service — into a Spotify playlist). Following the right people does lead to the creation of a sort of magical radio service consisting only of people’s favorite songs, but first, you have to follow them. (Transparency: This Is My Jam was incubated by The Echo Nest, publisher of

Today, This Is My Jam gave music fans a valuable new way to find jams and users within the service. The company just announced that you can now search the entire service by artist or genre. For example, you can listen to all Synth Pop Jams by going here. You can also, say, find all current Jams that have something to do with My Bloody Valentine. You can play the music back, for an instant payoff, or follow the people these new search techniques turn up, improving the quality of what you will hear the next time you log in.

Ultimately, this makes This Is My Jam (direct link) a little more useful as a traditional music service, because searching by artist or selecting a genre are popular features on other sites, but without losing the unique flavor that makes it so fun and addictive in the first place.

(Also, this is my jam.)