September 20, 2012 at 2:56 pm

Top 6 Effects Apps for Playing with Sound

Guitar Effects & Amps

AmpKit+ ($20, iOS) 

Guitar players represent the sweet spot for effects app, because they’re already so used to using them in pedal and rack-mounted form. Effects that used to require multiple physical audio components can now be somewhat accurately modeled with one piece of hardware, saving guitar players money and energy spent lugging stuff around, although clearly, the hardware versions still have their advantages (like near-zero latency). Ampkit+ is the an excellent choice for guitarists of any skill level looking to save thousands of dollars they would have otherwise spent on amps and pedals. It features dozens of amplifiers, pedals, cabinets, and even microphones to choose from, and everything is accurately reproduced from real life guitar gear.

You can create your own setup of up to 32 pedals plus amps, which offers nearly endless possibilities for your virtual setup. Some equipment is included, but for everything else, you’ll have to throw down more cash for in-app purchases. What did you expect? Hundreds of presets can give your guitar any specific tone, from classic rock to heavy metal, saving time in case you don’t want to create your own. Just one thing: In order to plug your guitar into your iOS device, make sure you have an external adapter like this.

Wah-Wah ($1, iOS)

We’ve praised this app before, for its excellent use of the accelerometer in iOS devices. It’s still a great deal for only a buck. Using this Wah-Wah app is much like using the legendary guitar pedal by the same name, made famous by Jimi Hendrix and other axemen: You simply tilt it forward to add more “wah,” and back to add less.

Wah-wah comes with six pre-filled samples, but it’s much more satisfying to import a song from your iPhone’s music library or record an audio sample using your phone’s microphone and add the wah-wah effect to that. (This text was excerpted from our full review).

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