September 17, 2012 at 12:49 pm

Ruffletron: Skirt, Neck Piece Make Beautiful Music When Touched

Any developer can throw together a music app, ranging from the simple to the revelatory. When someone takes the time to build a music app (of sorts) out of hardware, color us impressed. (See also: these swings.)

Freelance fashion and textile designer Lara Grant teamed with sound artist and audiovisual composer Cullen Miller to create the Ruffletron, a matching skirt and neck piece that go beyond your standard Fashion Week fare.

These items of apparel work in concert to make beautiful music, even if you can’t really walk around all day while wearing them. For now, this get-up requires connection to a computer, but future plans include adding on-board or at least wireless processing.

Nevermind that for now; take a listen at these clothes in action:

“To strive for simplicity, I asked myself — what is a recognizable shape or aspect of fashion design I can take and make interactive using electronics and DSP [digital signal processing]?” writes Grant. “I thought of the simple action of ruffling, well… a ruffle, and worked to extend that action into something more interesting and performative.”

Ruffletron incorporates LilyPad Arduino, Maxuino, Osculator, and Ableton Live. It sounds pretty great — and, hopefully, provides a glimpse of things to come in the boring old fashion industry.

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  • Tee

    Reminds me of this old Media Lab project circa 1997, with on-board synthesis. The pre-youtube video is priceless. :)