September 13, 2012 at 8:37 pm

Sony Mashes Song Identification with Unlimited Music… on TV

sony bravia trackidSony has a new trick up its sleeve: allowing you to tag songs as they appear on television programs with a Sony Bravia television and add them to your cloud-based music collection.

We’ve been watching Shazam make steady inroads in tagging songs and other audio as they appear in television shows and advertisements, to the point that we’re just about convinced that audio tagging will be able to do what QR codes could not: Provide links from the physical world, or at least the televised part of it, to the web.

Starting this week, Sony Bravia televisions will integrate Gracenote’s TrackID technology so that viewers will be able to identify televised songs in any program without whipping out their smartphones. Instead, they can use the remote control already in their hands.

The music identification feature was already available on Bravia TVs since last year; what’s different about this week’s announcement is that now, Sony Music Unlimited subscribers can now add those songs to their music collections after they identify them, closing the loop, as it were.

“The scenario is that when you are watching a TV show and wonder ‘who sings that song?’ — now, with a push of a button on the remote control, [you] can identify any song that’s being played during the show, and the technology will show song name and artist information,” a Sony spokeswoman who asked to remain anonymous for unidentified reasons told “Once TrackID has identified the song, viewers can directly link that music back to the Music Unlimited service to listen to the entire song or album from that band or artist.”

Sony Music Unlimited runs across Sony’s entire line of devices, from PlayStations to smartphones to tablets, but also on iOS, in 17 countries. Sony acquired Gracenote for $260 million in 2008.

(Image courtesy of Sony/Gracenote)