September 11, 2012 at 1:03 pm

gTar, the iPhone Guitar, Is Set for Mid-September Production

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The author plays the gTar back in May.

When a start-up that wants to make an iPhone-powered guitar lights up Kickstarter and gets “Foster The People’s ‘Pumped Up Kicks’”-level hype all over the web, it might be tempting to write it off as a desperate fever dream.

However, we already knew the gTar was real. That’s me playing an early, pre-release version on the right.

On September 1, eagle-eyed iTunes users may have spotted something odd: the gTar app, which runs on the iPhone in the gTar, was on sale for a buck. This app allows the gTar to light up the strings you’re supposed to hit, understand whether you have hit them or not, make the sound come out of the iPhone’s speaker (a line-out will be available too), and even control MIDI-capable iOS apps (we saw it control NLog back in May).

However, according to what Incident Technologies founder Idan Beck tells, that was merely a glitch, due to multiple versions having been uploaded to iTunes with different dates attached to them, which apparently didn’t supercede each other.

gtarBeck says only one person, a gTar developer, bought the app in the short time it was available, because the team took it down immediately following a news alert being sent out. But this started us thinking… when is gTar coming out, anyway? When can other people find out what it’s like to learn guitar from an iPhone, as well as doing all sorts of wacky stuff like using it to trigger loops in Ableton Live?

“Things are on schedule to get the units out into people’s hands over the next few months,” Beck told via email. “We’re currently running the units through a number of certification processes such as FCC [Federal Communications Commission], CE [Conformité Européenne], and ROHS [Restriction of Hazardous Substances] as well as the obvious Apple stuff as well. Once this is all figured out, we’ll be in good shape to start production in mid-September as we had originally anticipated.”

And there you have it: $450 gTar should be going into production in mid-September, and its inventor expects it to be available in the coming months (ideally, we would imagine, from his perspective, in time for the holidays).

(Bottom image via Kickstarter)

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