August 31, 2012 at 11:15 am

Leonard Cohen: A New App for ‘Old Ideas’

leonard cohen app

The goods inside the new Leonard Cohen app, free on iOS, make it a definite must-have for any Leonard Cohen fan. But it might be worth the install just to hear Cohen’s golden voice say “Hello, Darling” each time you use it.

Yes, this app is basically like having a miniature version of the most debonair musician alive in your pocket ready to dispense sweet nothings and words of wisdom at the drop of one of Cohen’s hats.

Upon opening this unique artist app, you’ll find a different quote from Cohen’s vast repertoire of lyrics, poetry, and interviews. In my case, it was Cohen’s two-line poem “The Sweetest Little Song” from Book of Longing:

“You go your way
I’ll go your way too.”

Okay, Leonard Cohen. That sounds good to me.

leonard cohen app

If you want to read more of Cohen’s pithy utterances, shake your phone and a new quote will appear. Or, if you’re ready to see what else is on offer, tap where it says “COME IN” and prepare to swoon. A photo of Cohen holding a glass of wine greets you, as he welcomes you with his deep, sultry voice.

Like any good ladies’ man, Cohen aims to please with useful information and rare, exclusive features: news updates from the official Leonard Cohen site; blog entries from the Leonard Cohen tumblr; music videos; links to preview and purchase music; and photos.

This app comes several months after the release of Cohen’s twelfth studio album Old Ideas and the announcement of the supporting world tour. The app’s tour tab leads you to those tour dates and ticket links.

Speaking of Old Ideas, you can check out exclusive video clips for eight songs off the album in the “Moments Of” tab. Shot and directed by French fashion photographer Dominique Isserman, these black and white clips contain a mix of photograph stills and visually-stunning video sequences, some featuring Cohen himself. Prepare to feel like a voyeur as you watch these clips. It definitely feels like you’ve gained access to something you probably shouldn’t have.

In fact the whole app kind of feels like you’re peering through a peephole, because it offers such an intimate portrayal of the artist. Even though this app has all of the features common to artist apps, because the information+music ones like this need to contain certain common elements, its literally inviting design and exclusive features make it feel like a more personal experience.

The Leonard Cohen app (free, iOS) is about as close as you’re probably ever going to get to having Leonard Cohen in your back pocket.

  • blue

    is it a part of “Hello, darling, This is your old father” phonecall to Lorca?