August 31, 2012 at 11:35 am

Google Yanks Grooveshark from App Store… Again

grooveshark_android_appOnly three days ago, Grooveshark happily alerted us to the fact that its Android app was back in the Google Play app store.

Today, Google has deleted it… again. (See also: Is Android Turning Into Its Father?)

Once again, the only way to use Grooveshark on an Android — or an iPhone for that matter — is to bookmark the HTML 5 version, or find the Android app somewhere else because Google has decided once again, like iTunes, to delist the native Grooveshark app.

Only Google knows why it would admit, then delete, then admit, then delete this app, which lets users stream any of the millions of major- and indie-label songs that Grooveshark users have uploaded into its streaming catalog.

We do, however, know that has been involved in the deletion of another Grooveshark Android app, and has been following this situation closely:

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