August 24, 2012 at 3:59 pm

MyMusaic Plays Your Memories to Any Song’s Beat, Which Sounds Neat in Theory


The concept behind MyMusaic is solid, but the site is pretty slow as of today, which could partially be Facebook's fault. We saw a lot of this.

The idea of an automatically-generated slideshow that synchronizes each photo to the beat of a song sounds like the provenance of Music Hack Days. But no, this music app stuff is going mainstream. MyMusaic is no mere music hack, but rather a start-up out of Los Angeles that any photos from your hard drive or your Facebook albums and synchronizes them to music. As mentioned, the photos transition on the beat, making MyMusaic a music app.

The service is free to use, which is great. It’s also slow as molasses at the moment, to the point that I’m thinking about not even finishing this review, which is not as good. We chalk this up to the fact that it only launched yesterday.

If you’re patient enough for MyMusaic to import your photos from Facebook, more power to you. We couldn’t take the waiting, which to be fair could have been Facebook’s fault, so we decided to upload a bunch of random screenshots from last year. However, it turned out that 18 of my Facebook photos had in fact imported before I cancelled the process. Yay! I picked those.

On to step two, where you get to add the music.

MyMusaic lets you add a music file from your computer or from SoundCloud. First, I tried Javelin’s “Digits,” but apparently, I had not chosen enough photos, because MyMusaic faded it out after 37 seconds instead of letting the song run for its full two minutes. So I bought Javelin’s nostalgia-infused “Strawberry Roan” from Amazon MP3 and uploaded that to my MyMusaic library for analysis, after including a bunch more photos from my computer, because there was no way I was going to try Facebook again for that.

Then I proceeded to step three, which generates the movie. For all I know, it’s still being generated, because this is what it has been displaying for the past 20 minutes or so:

As such, we are done with MyMusaic for now. The concept behind beatmatching a slideshow with any song in order to make a shareable video is a great one, but for now, the implementation is sort of busted. Even worse, there’s also no way to embed the resulting videos on blogs. If you still care, you can watch my first attempt here.

  • Gianna Peterson

    I tried it with photos from my wedding last month (after my friend sent me the link) and I LOVED it! Its a brand new site and I’m sure still has some quirks to workout but I can totally see the potential! Props to the creators genius idea!!, looking forward to the finished product and the App!

  • Alec Meikle

    However rare, it is a Facebook issue that’s out of MYMUSAIC’s control. Oddly enough, it’s normally it’s a faster to upload your Facebook albums as it loads from server to server and is not subject to the users internet speed. This is yet another reason that we can all look forward to the release of the APP being that all the content will already by in your phone, there will be no uploading time.

    The MYMUSAIC team appreciates your feedback and time, make no mistake that we will continue to improve the user experience in every way possible.

    - Alec Meikle