August 15, 2012 at 1:11 pm

Rudimentary Music Visualizations Took ‘Hundreds of Hours’ in MS Paint

paint cassorlaRemember Paint — as in Microsoft Paint, the ultra-basic graphics program that has shipped with every Windows operating system since 1985?

As it turns out, people are still using this program, the “Comic Sans” of graphic design, in one case to make what we’re pretty sure is the most bare-bones music visualization app ever. Even weirder, it apparently took hundreds of painstaking hours to create in MS Paint, which is probably more than anyone’s used the program in the past decade.

Los Angeles-based Ben Cassorla, of the band Cassorla, fooled around with Paint while on a tour bus with his band long enough to create frame-by-frame-animation music videos for his  new EP, Plastic.

“I learned an editing program [for audio and video], but had no way of creating graphics,” Cassorla told “That is, until I remembered that old accessories-folder-of-Windows 95 standby, Paint.”

Cassorla created a total of five videos – an impressive feat requiring countless hours of cut and paste, something like a low-budget stop-motion animation project. Indeed, the videos are a testament that smaller DIY bands don’t necessarily need to spend large amounts of money to create something eye-catching, although they might need some time.

The lo-fi revival just keeps on coming. With even 8-bit art and music coming back, yet again, maybe it’s time to dust off that Windows 1.0-or-later PC and make something artfully nostalgic.

You can watch Cassorla’s low-fi music visualizations, which appear to improve somewhat over the course of the five songs, below. This is what hundreds of hours of Paint-work looks like:


Is your band doing something weird or otherwise interesting with technology and/or apps? Let us know.

(Ed. note: It’s also worth mentioning that Apple, the so-called “artistic” operating system, no longer ships with MacPaint. Meanwhile, the latest Windows operating systems still include Paint, so Windows people can doodle away as much as they want without installing anything extra. Who’s “artistic” now?)