August 15, 2012 at 3:45 pm

Apparent Grooveshark Downloader Developer Wants Us to Stop Writing About Grooveshark Downloader on the Grooveshark Downloader Facebook page

Sometimes, the act of reporting makes you part of the story you’re trying to cover.

Last week, we wrote about how a tipster sent us a link to a program called Grooveshark Downloader, a Google Chrome extension that lets anyone with that browser download as many high-quality MP3s as they want from Grooveshark, which itself lacks licenses (read the CEO’s explanation).

Grooveshark told us they asked Google to remove it from the Chrome Web Store. Google said it had never received any such request. We figured one of them was lying, so we wrote about that too.

Then, Grooveshark Downloader disappeared from the Chrome Web Store, only to reappear in a new place. It’s still there.

Now, we’ve received word from the original tipster, claiming that he is in fact the developer in question — and that he wants us to stop writing about Grooveshark Downloader.

Sorry, but that’s not the way it works. Here’s what he emailed to us this afternoon:

“Please, stop writing about Grooveshark Downloader and warning Grooveshark and Google about it. When I sent you the tip I was expecting to share the app with other people, not to ruin it. We all download songs, even if we often buy them as well. I know you need audience for your blog, but polemics are not the way. I am the developer, I’ve published both versions. Google removed the first one without any warning. I’ve simply published it again. I was not willing to get a fight with Grooveshark developers (which I had when they were trying to block the app code ) or getting a bad reputation on Chrome Store. There are plenty of other tools that allow people to download songs from Grooveshark. Some even far more popular than my extension. With hundred thousands of users. My extension is just the simplest tool maybe. So let it live for a while.  Thank you very much, <snip>.

To be fair, this guy, whose name we are leaving out of this in an attempt at courtesy, is right about one thing: Plenty of other ways exist to download whatever you want from Grooveshark:

Pro Tip: If you want a reporter to stop writing about something you are doing, don’t tell him to stop.

  • Industry Ivan

    Eliot, I understand your sentiment behind this post, to “prove a point” to this guy. And I mostly agree. But this article just sounds vindictive, particularly when you fan the flames on all sides by posting multiple other incredibly illegal Flash rippers. That’s not reporting, that’s hit-hunting.

    What you *could* have written about actually pertains to the story you’ve been tracking: this developer seems to confirm Grooveshark’s story that they’ve actively been fight against these apps. While they lack licenses from 3 majors, they at least *try* to obtain them; conflating a multiyear endeavor like that to a random ripper extension is flimsy at best.

    Polemics, indeed, at worst.

  • Tim Mitchell

    you can’t let the genie out of the bottle and then cry when he won’t go back in… or – well, you can, but you look enormously naive or even stupid – - especially if you are doing something on the fringes like this. Publicity is always a double-edged sword, and Eliot – you are totally correct to write about this.

  • thathruths

    Google has nothing to do with trying to make grooveshark seem worse then they already are. These downloaders are quite common to the point that their found easily in the top 10 of plugins for browsers directly from either chrome or firefox. If anyone is to blame for this its flash, all these programs do is make it easier for the average user to temporary files and then save them to permanent backups. But on another note do you see anyone banning vcrs, recordable cds, or any other device that could be used to capture media. No matter how much money you spend someone can easily get around it. But i’m sure nobodys going to hold grooveshark responsible for all the pirating either.

  • Josh Greenberg

    We’re always looking for more talented devs to join the Grooveshark team. If you want to work on cool music-related projects, get in touch with us. We can’t support downloader/ripper apps like these, but we can tell when a developer knows what they’re doing.

    Josh Greenberg, CTO

  • Israel Lot

    I’ve wrote to you.

  • External

    Pro Tip: If you want a reporter to stop writing about something you are doing, don’t tell him to stop.”

    Cool. If that’s the way you get audience for your blog, then so be it. I am for one, not coming back to this blog anymore.

    Here’s a pro tip for you if you want more tips to be submitted.

    Pro Tip: Don’t tell your audience that you’re just going to write whatever you feel like when they tip you, and that they can’t do anything to stop you. (Which is pretty much what your pro tip said to me.)

    Good day, sir.

  • s_street

    A new tool called Torch Browser can download music from Grooveshark, soundcloud and other sites. works like a charm –

  • Kin

    With all my respect, your vibe is not pretty…

  • yourmama

    You suck and are sooo dumb they take it down many times because of your fault so fuck you

  • gne

    the developer didn’t “cry”, for fuck’s sake, he made a polite, courteous request — to which the reporter responded with this funny (but childish) article.

    While I agree with the principles behind Eliot’s decision, he could have handled this with a bit more tact. Especially when 90% of his audience downloads music and uses apps like Grooveshark Downloader. :)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks that there’s no extension for chrome now. Bloody great job.

  • Well Done

    Airing out your dirty laundry here for all to read is just unprofessional and immature. I’ll be taking my traffic and friends’ traffic elsewhere – to a place where adults are actually doing the talking.

  • optinion

    Pro tips:

    1: If you want to knowingly misrepresent someone as telling you to do something, don’t show the email making what is obviously a request.

    2: If you want to pretend to have power in order to feel like less of a loser then you are, don’t flaunt your fake potency over a deliberately obscure user app, where most of your readership will be familiar enough to know how small a peepee you’d need to have to boast about taking on the Groove Shredder machine.

  • Rob

    Wow you’re a complete dumb ass. First and last time I read your articles.