August 10, 2012 at 5:11 pm

This Week in Music Apps: Synchronized iOS Loudspeaker, Android Music Games, ‘Jam’ Archiving for Spotify

Before we get to the weekly app roundup, a quick note to our Bay Area people at the sold-out Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival this weekend: Make sure to download the event app (iOS, Android, and Blackberry) so you don’t miss a thing.

On to the latest and greatest music apps!

This Week in Reviews

Apple iOS

seedioSeedio (free if you get it soon; $3 after that): This clever utility lets you send music from one iOS device to multiple iOS devices over a Wi-Fi network. The simultaneous playback creates the effect of having surround sound speakers — or “one perfectly synchronized loudspeaker,” as developer Supertrumpf puts it. Each device needs to have the app installed in order to stream music from the “seed” device, but they do not all need to have the track in their libraries. The app will also play audio from YouTube videos, in case you want to play songs you don’t have. It also works as a headphone splitter in WiFi-enabled environments where everyone has an iOS device. It might be a good idea to grab this one soon before the price jump.

SpotQueue (free) and SpotQueue Remote (free): Along the same lines, if you want to control Spotify on one iOS device using another iOS device as a remote, check out these two apps, in case you missed them in our earlier coverage. You’ll want to install SpotQueue on the device that Spotify is playing on, and SpotQueue Remote on the device you want to use to as a remote (full instructions here). This is great for controlling your music from across the room, but also for letting your friends adjust the music at your next party — that is, if you trust their taste in music.

The Blur App (free): Touted as “the most comprehensive artist app of its kind” by EMI, Blur’s new iPhone and iPad app is a must have for Blur fans. It packs all of the usual artist features one would expect from an artist app, such as music, photos, and news, but also a slew of rare stuff exclusive to the app: new interviews; rare, previously-unreleased tracks (such as demos and remixes); and video clips of interviews and live shows.

Google Android

music heroMusic Hero (free): Music Hero is a new rhythm game burning up the charts in the Google Play store, which takes only seconds to figure out, but will provide hours of entertainment — and best of all, you can play it with your own music, instead of whatever some developer wants you to hear. To use it, simply throw on a song, choose Simple or Standard mode, and start tapping your way through your song. Fire up this app on your next morning commute and watch the time fly. Just be sure not to rock past your stop.

Guess That Song Quiz (free): Want to test your music knowledge? Check out this music quiz app, which first asks you to choose a category of playlist. As each song plays, you’ll need to guess the correct artist to score points. Categories include Latest Hits, 2000′s Pop, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and more. If you’re well-versed in a category, the game will be quite easy to play since considering the somewhat mainstream selection. In that case, just enjoy the jams and racking up the points.


Mac Apps (free): Still in beta, this Mac app lets you build playlists from iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, exfm, and more. Just type in an artist’s name to find songs from these myriad sources, and add as many as you want to your playlist. You can add as many as you want, or get to work on another playlist for later.

Spotify Apps

thisismyjamspotifyThis Is My Jam (free): Fans of the web version of This Is My Jam love the simplicity of its one song at a time method of music sharing and discovery. But after perusing several user profiles, you begin to notice quite a few tastemakers on the site have links to blogs archiving their old jams. As it turns out, people like holding onto musical memories. The makers of This Is My Jam (Super Music, incubated by The Echo Nest, publisher of must have noticed, because they’ve just gone and teamed up with Spotify to create an app that allows users to create playlists of their old jams, jams they’ve previously liked, and their friends’ jams.

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