August 8, 2012 at 5:14 pm

This Week in Music Apps: Virtual DJ World, Four-Person iPad App, New Music ID Contender

This has been an especially fruitful summer for music games, as former Cut Copy bassist (and developer of mega-hit Olympics web app QWOP) Bennett Foddy has added to the short list of Pitchfork’s interactive music web apps and Beck penned three songs for the Sound Shapes Playstation game. We’ve seen plenty of great music apps too, as you’ll see below — including an immersive Android synthesizer, an iPad band app for (theoretically) four people, and a new digital DJ world.

First, some reviews.

[Ed. note: writer Andrew Garsetti actually put this edition of This Week In Music Apps together a couple of weeks ago, but we're guessing most of this stuff will still be new to you. It will soon resume its regular schedule; stay tuned.]

This Week in Reviews

  • The Most Brutal Music App Ever: Black Metal Man
  • I Built a Music App in Minutes and So Can You (with Conduit Mobile)
  • 5 Best Apps for Soundtracking Life Without Blocking the World… or for Tuning It Out (iOS)
  • K235 Brings Inexpensive Musical Fun to iPad – Just ‘Tilt To Add Harmony’
  • Wants to Make Voice Communication More Creative with 30-Second Songs
  • Will Whitney Houston’s Vocal Coach’s App Give Me a Golden Voice
  • Radio.SC Turns SoundCloud Users into Radio Stations
  • Passion Pit’s Beautiful Gossamer App is Worthwhile for Fans
  • Turn Your Band into a Virus…With a Book?
  • Summer Party Apps: The Vans Warped Tour App Helps Punks Rock
  • Brain Shift Radio Controls Mood with Music – is it Awesome or Creepy?

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