August 6, 2012 at 4:55 pm

How To: Remote-Control Spotify from iPhone or Android… on Mac, Windows, or Even Another Phone

Control Spotify on an Android with Another Android

Okay, you caught us out. Out of all six of these techniques for remote-controlling Spotify, this is the only one we were not able to test, because we only have one Android device in our New York office. However, we did install the app, and it’s solid enough; besides, the developer includes helpful videos.

Note: This app uses Bluetooth, not WiFi. On the plus side, this means you can use it even in the absence of a wireless network (like in the car). On the negative side, it limits connectivity to 30 feet or so, which isn’t enough in some home/party scenarios.

1. Install DroidRemote on both Android devices. Here’s the configuration wizard that you will encounter at that point:

2. In that configuration wizard, make one of them the server. (This would be the one you want to act as the “receiver” —  the one you want to connect to your stereo system or powered speakers.)

YouTube Preview Image

3. On the other Android, go into the configuration wizard and make that one the client. (This would be the one you want to act as the “remote.”)

YouTube Preview Image

4. Using the client/remote version of the app, you’ll be able to skip, play the previous track, or pause playback. We don’t consider this a dealbreaker (especially because the app is free), but it does mean you’ll have to set up a playlist or album to play on the “receiver” Android (the one that’s configured as a server).

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  • Lew

    This article came at just the right time. I’m doing music for a party this Saturday and this will be a perfect setup. Thanks!

  • Flemming Terkilsen

    Can i do it the other way around – like controlling my Spotify app on my Android from my PC ? because then i can hook my android to my Stereo which is in the other end, and that is just remotely coziness for me :O) Merry Christmas ..

  • Jan

    Grr .. i want a iOS->Android, guess i have to wait then…

  • Jens Lillebæk

    well, this worked for one day. Then I rebooted my computer, and now my app just keeps on trying to connect to my laptop. Anyone got any tips for me?

  • errr

    Not at all “academic”. I am sure many people out there have Macbooks or iMacs and also have an Android phone or tablet.

  • Ian Jonathan

    can’t get my ipod touch to run the app. tried re-installed and restarting device a dozen times. Help!

  • jeremy

    Not academic at all man. I know many people who has a macbook at home and uses a Samsung or HTC android phone.

  • Peter

    This is a free remote for iOS:

  • Sashi Mee

    I love the this feature – even though it confused me a little bit a first when my sister played her music in my home from college but I digress -.

    This is great. I got my gf’s iPhone on my Bose sound dock, and I use spottily on my phone to change it from the couch/kitchen/whetev’s !

    Only thing I can’t seem to do : control the iPhone from my Mac or our PC.
    Anyone has a clue / contacts with the spotify’s teams ?

  • Stijn

    Figured I’d listen and bought remoteless.
    Tried it, works, but no album art and no working volume slider.
    Tried Spotimote Free. Perfectly working, album art and volume slider included.
    So go for that guys, and if you like it, buy it for just over 2 bucks. It’s just the better app with the more logical GUI of the two.

    And if you’re using Norton, start using Microsoft Security Eseentials or Avast. If you have Windows 8, Windows Defender/MSE is built in. Installing antivirus on Windows 8 is a very bad idea ;).

  • Nibroc99

    I want to stream music from my Android phone to my iPad, where the iPad receives and plays the music and the Android sends the music.

  • Nibroc99

    I meant to say ipod there, dumb autocorrect.

  • Stefan Blechinger

    pretty sure its your firewall settings got forgotten after reboot.