July 6, 2012 at 5:05 pm

NME Launches Music Recommendation App For Spotify

NME spotify

Revered music magazine New Musical Express (NME for short) joins the ever-growing list of publishers, brands, and bands teaming up with Spotify with an app that extends its tastemaking prowess to the popular music streaming service.

This app comes on the heels of NME’s 60th birthday, which it celebrated in March — which appears to make the NME the oldest music publication with a Spotify app (it’s a full 15 years older than Rolling Stone). Since launching as a weekly music magazine in 1952, NME has continuously grown its brand to expand its influence. In addition to the magazine, the NME franchise includes the world’s largest standalone music site NME.COM – which launched in 1996 – and now the Spotify app.

About that: To begin discovering new music with NME’s Spotify app, you’ll need to visit the Spotify App Finder and add it to your Spotify desktop client (it won’t work on mobile). Thereafter, the app offers three sections for exploring content: New Bands We Love, NME Recommends, and NME Playlists.

We found the first two sections to be fine resources for checking out the latest music, because you can never have too many sources for that. ‘New Bands We Love’ highlights emerging artists; clicking an artist lets you read interviews and band-related trivia (nice!), and of course listen to their music. Meanwhile, the ‘NME Recommends’ section brings full-length album reviews from NME staff writers right into Spotify, so you can read about the albums as you listen.

‘NME Playlists’ allows for exploration of music old and new, so long as it bears the NME’s stamp of approval. Examples include “100 Best Tracks of NME’s Lifetime,” “The Greatest Pop Songs in History,” and “50 Most Electrifying Frontmen.” Don’t worry – they include frontwomen too.

Despite recent claims of the music publication’s growing irrelevance, this app shows that NME recognizes how music discovery and listening are changing.

“At NME, we’re continually striving to make our services more innovative, more powerful and more usable,” said NME publisher Tracy Cheesman. “This app is a great example of that, and Spotify is the perfect place to share our content.”

NME’s Spotify app appeals to all types of music seekers by combining both traditional music criticism with music curation. Whether you want to read about new artists, listen to new tunes, or enjoy an expert-verified mix of tried-and-true favorites, you can do those things here.

If you’re a fan of NME’s editorial taste, we heartily recommend this app. On the other hand, if the NME is your enemy, take a pass, because this app succeeds in transmitting the publication’s taste-making ways to the digital form.