June 29, 2012 at 2:28 pm

Advertising Condoms on Facebook? There’s a Music App for That

Durex struck upon an inventive way to spread the word about its prophylactics: a Facebook app that lets you find the perfect jam for listening to as you utilize its products.

To use the Durex In-Sync Song Generator, the price of admission is that you need to admit that you “Like” Durex to all of your Facebook friends, including your mother if she’s on there.  If you can stomach that, the next step is to specify your gender, the time of day when you are “at your best,” choose an option to “describe your routine,” and so forth.

You also need to specify who your partner is, so the app can share the song with that person on Facebook, which makes this a “viral” app — probably not the best branding for a condom company, but those are the breaks. It also means the person in question has to be on Facebook, and you need to be willing to share the fact that you entered their name into this app with them.

With all of that out of the way, Durex In-Sync Song Generator outputs what it thinks would be the perfect song for you to listen to while using their product. You’ll need Spotify for that part, because it connects you to the song within a playlist on Spotify containing all possible selections from within the app. We’ve included the playlist below, because hey, why not.

It’s gimmicky, but at least it’s a sort of smart gimmick. We expect to see more advertisers try this stuff in the future, especially using an outside music source such as Spotify, because they don’t even need to license the music in order to recommend it as part of the ad. Plus, like we mentioned earlier… it’s viral.

(via adage)

  • Adam

    Gross. Bad advertising. Kids use Spotify.