June 27, 2012 at 12:41 pm

Google Will Ship New Google TV in 2012

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The rumor-mongers can stop mongering. Evolver.fm has learned that Google does in fact plan to reboot Google TV today at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco.

Update: Google has posted “Nexus Q, the first social streaming media player” on the Google Play app store. It could be one of the new Google TV devices. More here.

Anyone who’s paying attention should understand that the television will eventually be a killer app platform, even though the interface still needs some figuring out, and cable and satellite television companies are understandably a bit nervous about it. (When people use TV apps they are not usually watching traditional television.) That’s just too big a screen, and it’s in too many homes, not for it to run apps.

Apple TV (an object) and Google TV (a platform that comes installed on various televisions and set-top boxes) already run some apps — in Apple’s case, with the option to send apps from an iOS device to the television via AirPlay, which is also available for Android, which should worry Google. In both cases, you can run a limited number of apps on the box itself.

Google TV has faltered — in part because there weren’t enough apps for it. However, it looks like Google is getting ready to unveil some new devices (as SlashGear suspected it would), and at least one new third-party music app.

These new Google TV devices will ship in 2012, according to SiriusXM, which announced Wednesday that it will have an app that works on them. It plans to demonstrate the new app today around 6pm ET at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco, and it will be available in the Android Play app store “soon.”

“Working closely with Google, we developed the SiriusXM Internet Radio App for the new Google TV [our emphasis], giving subscribers another platform to listen to their favorite SiriusXM programming at home,” said SiriusXM vice president of product management Sean Gibbons.

This app “will launch on Google TV devices coming in 2012,” according to the announcement.

Here are the key features of the SiriusXM Internet Radio App:

  • Start Now allows subscribers to go back up to 5 hours to hear previously broadcast programming on many channels.
  • Tune Start™ automatically starts the current song from the beginning so listeners will hear the whole song when tuning to any music channel.
  • Pause and resume live programming.
  • Fast Forward and Rewind on many channels.
  • Show Finder™ is an easy-to-use electronic programming guide offering a complete list of what’s on, with the ability to set reminder alerts when favorite shows are broadcast.
  • Organize favorite channels and shows on one easy-to-access screen.
  • View SiriusXM programming information and schedules on compatible HDTVs, including channel and album artwork, artist biographies and an electronic program guide.

That’s interesting, but it’s probably more interesting that Google is apparently going to bust out some new Google TV boxes this year, and most likely will demonstrate them later today.

Update: Check out the new Google Nexus Q, which we suspect will run SiriusXM’s app.

  • http://beentertained.starhub.com/ program guide

    If the Google TV box has no external antenna connection, you may ave to put the extender on your router, perhaps a directional 6db gain sort of antenna.