June 19, 2012 at 1:42 pm

When The Levee Breaks: 3 Led Zeppelin Albums Appear on Spotify (Updated – Not So Fast)

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One of the last holdouts against unlimited, on-demand music streaming — the classic rock gods Led Zeppelin — may finally have relented.

Update 1:58pm ET: These tracks actually appear not to be in Spotify. For some reason, they are showing up in white text in our desktop Spotify client, and appear to be streaming, but apparently we were fooled by that white text, which normally indicates that tracks are available from Spotify’s catalog, as opposed to from our local collection. Friends have been unable to play the links we’ve sent them, and at least some of the files are stored locally on this machine, even though the client shows locations for them on Spotify itself too (both HTTP and Spotify URI links). By comparison, The Beatles’ artist page within Spotify does not show any of the Beatles music I have on my computer, and surfaces only cheesy tribute compilations.

Update 2:08pm ET: In addition, when we play those Beatles songs in Spotify, they don’t scrobble to Facebook. However, the Led Zeppelin tunes do:

zeppelin spotify


Update 2:13pm ET: Another twist… When we click the 10th track on Led Zeppelin III, “Hats Off to [Roy] Harper,” which is grayed out, we get an error message that says “This track is not available. If you have the file on your computer you can import it.” That would lead us to believe that the other files are actually streaming from Spotify, although we await clarification. I really hope this is the beginning of Zeppelin on Spotify, because if you don’t like Led Zeppelin, you don’t like rock ‘n roll. Spotify’s three-million-plus paying customers should have access to it.

A search for Led Zeppelin on Spotify appeared to turn up three albums on Tuesday: In Through The Out Door, Houses of the Holy, and Led Zeppelin III. All of them play without a hitch.

The Zep is still not on MOG, Rdio, or Rhapsody, so the three on Spotify might be an anomaly, in terms of Zeppelin’s overall decision to go streaming, or else this is some sort of glitch. We’ve asked Spotify what’s going on here, and will post an update when we hear back (stay tuned, although again, we think this is a false positive).

For now, Spotify’s FAQ still has this to say:

Unfortunately there are some artists who have opted not to be a part of Spotify at this point in time. Some frequently requested artists that are not in Spotify include Metallica, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. We hope that they change their minds regarding streaming soon!

Say what you will about streaming music, but if it keeps on reigning, the levee’s going to break.

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Bonus 2:16pm ET: This is what it looks like when we try to embed “Celebration Day” on the web:

  • http://twitter.com/ian Ian McKellar

    I was so excited but I don’t see them from my US account.

  • http://whatevs.tumblr.com Uncle Grambo

    Already gone!

  • http://twitter.com/spotidj spotidj ♫

    In other words:  the Spotify database is a mess. Try this one: http://open.spotify.com/track/1Dx7bJ6IxpqtKx8pm7Xva0
    Shows up as a John Lennon track in Spotify (in The Netherlands at least)

  • DrBlur

    I’ve synced my Zeppelin CDs to Spotify from my Mac in order to listen to them, but then I noticed yesterday that all of the studio albums are now available through Spotify itself (but none of the live albums, BBC Sessions, etc). However, there’s a track or two missing from each one so I still use my synced versions for now…

  • Mateus Paes C. Coelho

    as of monday September 17th, 2012 Led Zeppelin’s catalog has disappeared from Spotify, alongside AC/DC’s and Metallica’s. Bad news everyone…

  • Johnny

    Bah, I want Zepellin on Spotify!