June 19, 2012 at 9:39 am

How To Identify, Unfriend Nickelback Fans on Facebook

nickelback friend finder unfriendOh, poor Nickelback — the band just can’t catch a break on these here internets. Not only was it deemed the number one turnoff amongst potential dating partners, but it has also been the target of a newspaper takedown and a football fan boycott, and even lost a popularity contest to a pickle.

Now, some clever person has figured out how to help Facebook users identify their friends who have Liked Nickelback, purportedly to make them easier to unfriend. A simple Facebook link identifies fans of “page_id=6248267085″ on Facebook.

Did you Like Nickelback? It might be time to do some quick Nickelback-pedaling before your Facebook friends catch wind of this.

After I clicked on the link, Facebook revealed that I had not one but four friends who like Nickelback. Their identities have been blurred in the above screenshot for obvious reasons.

So, what is Nickelback to do? Maybe they should just make better music.

  • VictusNex Of Reddit

    “some clever person”

    Thank you.

  • Sarah

    35…wow…I’m actually speechless.

  • wow…

    46… ouch

  • Edward Williams

    really dunno why united-statians hate so much nickelback.. they’re a great band, they really show what post-grunge is about.. don’t believe me? listen to “just four”

  • Red VonMunster

    HAHA No, they’re fucking terrible and I’m pretty sure post grunge isn’t about sucking ass.