June 15, 2012 at 6:20 pm

Latest Spotify Apps Build Playlists From Lyrics, Radio

Spotify shows no signs of slowing down since its desktop app became a successful app platform in its own right last December.

On the heels of the last batch come two more Spotify apps: musiXmatch, which lets you identify songs through a lyrics search engine and build playlists based on lyric search terms; and KCRW Music Mine, which creates daily playlists of the top 100 artists as selected by KCRW’s world famous DJs.

To try them, open Spotify on a Mac or Windows machine, and navigate to the App Finder in the left column.

Here’s what you’ll find if you do:



Once you have musiXmatch installed, you can search the lyrics search engine for any lyrics or even any word or words that might be on your mind. This app will then scour its database of six million lyrics, which musiXmatch claims to be the world’s largest lyrics database, licensed through worldwide partnership with major music publishers including Sony ATV, EMI Publishing, Universal Publishing, BMG Rights, Kobalt Music, and Harry Fox Agency.

musiXmatch2Looking for songs about about golden retrievers, Tetris, or gumbo? Now you can find just the song. It’s also great for when you can only remember a catchy chorus, but not the title of a song. Meanwhile, Karaoke fans will appreciate the app’s SyncNSing technology, which displays the lyrics in real time as you listen, within the main Spotify window. Wordsmiths can edit and add to the lyrics to create their own unique sing-along experiences.

MusiXmatch is also useful for building thematic playlists – just search any word, and in seconds you can build a playlist based on the results (we could have used this while building our Father’s Day playlist).

Bottom line: musiXmatch offers a fine combination of practicality and whimsy in one convenient app for your Spotify desktop client.

KCRW Music Mine

KCRW Music Mine
After opening up KCRW’s Music Mine app within Spotify, you’re presented with a grid-like display of 100 artists, handpicked by the station’s world-famous DJ staff – so basically, this is an app that’s basically just a playlist. But that’s not a dealbreaker. On a certain level, almost every Spotify app is simply ways to find a new slice of tunes you wouldn’t have come across otherwise.

This app from the KCRW tastemakers, whose influence extends far beyond its native Santa Monica, is a cut above the average playlist — in part because it looks cooler (thanks to album art with  larger images representing “top tunes”), and in part because it makes it easy to explore the artists and albums. And if you like what the app is throwing down on a given week, you can add it to your Spotify playlist collection, editing out whatever songs you don’t like.

KCRW Music Mine is as simple as they come, but it’s effective, if you like KCRW’s taste in music, and the included artists change daily to correspond with KCRW’s on-air playlists, which keeps the whole thing current.