June 7, 2012 at 4:11 pm

Playlist: Pitchfork’s Foray into Interactive Music

Last week, we celebrated Save Your Hearing Day with a special Spotify playlist.

This week, after testing out Pitchfork’s first interactive music games – including some wandering of a virtual desert – we were inspired to create a Spotify playlist to commemorate the moment when one of the leading tastemakers took a break from reviewing recorded music and leapt into the new world of interactive music videogames.

It’s all part of our grand scheme to amuse ourselves and possibly you by assembling playlists that go along with everything from hurricanes to Occupy Wall Street.

We included some obvious ones such as Lana del Rey’s hit, “Video Games; Amy Winehouse’s final single, “Love is a Losing Game;” and a song from the Hunger Games soundtrack, as well as other selections with videogame culture references (think Legend of Zelda), plus an 8-bit music duo who make music with Game Boys.

Listen here:

URI: Strictly Game: A Tribute to Pitchfork’s Music Video Games