June 1, 2012 at 11:04 am

Spotify Is Back (Updated)


Music fans looking to fire up their Spotify clients on Friday morning have been greeted with the above warning screen, indicating that Spotify is in offline. However, as you can see in the top left, Offline Mode is not activated. (Spotify is now back up for all users, according to the company — updates below.)

Spotify announced via the Twitter account it uses for such alerts, “We can confirm that most users are unable to log in at this time. We are working on a fix, watch this space.”

When Spotify comes back online, we’ll probably do something silly like recommend that you listen to a playlist about quietness in honor of this week’s Save Your Hearing Day. In the meantime, check out a brief history of Spotify’s attempt to become “the OS of music.

Update: Spotify clarified that the outage is due to “login issues” and says fixing it will also affect the ability to log in to Spotify’s website, where you can manage your profile and chat with other users. We were able to log in to the website just now, but are still unable to use the client software. (Unlike Rdio or MOG, Spotify runs off of a desktop client that allows it to play music faster after you hit the play button, and cuts down on streaming costs by using your upstream connection to send bits of music to other users.)

Another Update: We’re receiving a new error message:

spotify is down

11:34am ET: Spotify is back up for us on the desktop, and for some other users. The company announced via Twitter a minute ago, “Small update: Some users are able to log in, but we are still seeing errors. Sorry for the inconvenience, another update is coming soon.” Interestingly, it’s now featuring a live album from Linkin Park that’s available on Spotify before it has even been released:

11:40am ET: The iOS version is still down, for us anyway:

spotify ios down

11:57am ET: Now the iOS version is working for us too, and all is right with the world (Spotify is officially back online):



  • Stevejinsocal

    All the more reason not to pay to “rent” music from the cloud.

    Got into work… plugged iPod into PC. Fired up iTunes…

  • matt

    you can still play the music that you have on your hard drive…