May 30, 2012 at 11:49 am

Chileans Make Interactive Song using SoundCloud and Vimeo

el gato la virgen y el diablo interactive electrofolk single pilletu

“Pilletu,” the new single from El Gato, La Virgen, y El Diablo, a self-described electrofolk band from Santiago, Chile, is a plaintive, slow number that pairs spare acoustic strumming and melancholy vocal hook with skittering drum machines and auto-tuned harmonies. It’s an effective mix of traditional balladeering and of-the-moment electronic production.

To accompany the “Pilletu” single, the band released an interactive multimedia experience with the same balance of the familiar and the otherworldly. Head here to check it out.

As the song plays via an embedded SoundCloud player, a grid of looping Vimeo clips (looking not altogether unlike Smule’s MadPad app) allows you to play back simple rhythmic and ambient sounds to accompany the music. Some of the sounds, like the cranking of a wind-up toy, are unremarkable on their own, but take on a wistfully musical quality when paired with the song. Depending on when you press play, they’ll have a different effect on the song, but they’re all designed to go with it. The whole thing works pretty well, regardless of the simplicity of its approach.

Props to El Gato, La Virgen, y El Diablo for having the ingenuity to use practical, workmanlike apps like SoundCloud and Vimeo to create interactive art that transcends the individual capabilities of either.