May 15, 2012 at 12:22 pm

Songify, the Official App of The Gregory Brothers: Now for Android Too

songify android iosLet’s start at the beginning: The Gregory Brothers are the amazing folks responsible for “Bed Intruder,” the “Double Rainbow” song, “Winning!” and other viral monstrosities of song. These Brothers (which include one woman) endorse an app called Songify, which was created by, which is now part of the Smule music app development powerhouse.

On Tuesday, Android music fans and app-heads have another reason to celebrate besides the launch of for their platform, which often receives apps after the iPhone people have already had them for months. As of today, Songify is now available for Android.

As the name implies, Songify takes whatever you say into your phone and turns it into a song. For example, here’s the title and first paragraph of this article, Songified into the melody of The Gregory Brothers’ “Double Rainbow”: Reports

The app itself is free, so if you’re into this sort of thing, it’s easily worth it. However, if you want to Songify your ramblings into more songs than the included freebies, which are by The Gregory Brothers, Khush staffers, Lemez and Fridel, and WiliOne (i.e. people you won’t recognize from the Billboard charts), you’ll need to shell out $1 for various song packs (including Rap Beats, Pop Beats, Club Beats, Rock, Comedy, and Bollywood).

Songify has been the top music app in iTunes (currently #18), with good reason. It’s a fun idea, it works, and it gives you something worth sharing with your friends, who will probably download it too, if they’re curious as to how you managed to dash off a quick autotuned vocal composition — and especially if they’re a fan of the Gregory Brothers.

In case you missed it, The Gregory Brothers’ latest masterwork is this duet with Mitt Romney.

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