May 11, 2012 at 9:50 am

Covify Lets You Scan CDs into Spotify

covify rip spotify cd cover

Members of the Covify team (which consists of Robert van Hoesel, Melvin van den Bout, Robin van Wijngaarden and Jeroen Riemens) demonstrate their creation at The Next Web Conference Hackathon in Amsterdam.

(This is a guest post by James Martin of Midemblog.)

The winners of TNW Conference’s hackathon in late April tackled a common, but as-yet-unaddressed problem for format-shifting music lovers: What do I do with all those CDs on the shelf that I don’t listen to anymore?

Covify’s solution: rather than laboriously enter each album name into Spotify, why not show my computer the album via its webcam, and let data and image recognition do all the work?

Covify also exists as an iPhone app, currently in beta but demonstrated in the below video (imagine taking it to a record shop!). Also in the video, Spotify‘s head of hacker relations Andrew Mager, who said, “we’ve never seen anything like this. It’s a really cool integration.” [Ed. note: we agree that it's cool, but have seen two things like this -- Moggles and InstaSound -- although neither uses your webcam].

The video ends with an animated explanation of how Covify works.

You can also go to their website and try it yourself, but be warned: it’s currently struggling with the huge demand for the service — one to be watched very closely.

Other TNW Conference music hack highlights included, which promises to “kill the 30-second DJ at parties” by crowdsourcing playlists; Rijksmuseum-Spotify, which plays you music from the same period as the classic artwork you’re looking at (from Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum); or, which aims to make ”playing Spotify music in the office conflict-free,” again by crowdsourcing preferences. Find all of the hacks made at the TNW Conference here.

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