May 10, 2012 at 1:18 pm

Words With Friends: TuneWiki, Top Spotify App, Makes Lyrics Social

tunewiki spotifyLyrics might not be the sexiest thing in online music. For that, you might look to the second-most-popular Spotify app, Soundrop, which brings real-time group listening to the Spotify desktop client — or perhaps one of these musical hook-up facilitators.

However, lyrics are always among the most popular searches on Google, and anything that’s more popular than sex has to be pretty popular. TuneWiki, which delivers lyrics within Spotify, has been king of the app hill there for a while now. It’s a pretty helpful app, because regardless of how you found a song in Spotify (even from a music blog or another Spotify app), you can click TuneWiki to watch the lyrics scroll past for that song.

We spoke at length with TuneWiki CEO Larry Goldberg to get the inside scoop about the latest developments at TuneWiki, but the call recorder I use on Windows failed. However, Goldberg painted a compelling case for why lyrics are so important to music fans, and how his company delivers them not only through Spotify, but through apps on all the major mobile platforms that function like music players on lyrical steroids.

He also explained how a company with the word “wiki” in it can be a legitimate business, even though it makes money from lyrics that a community of users submit and correct: In part, he says, it’s because TuneWiki staffers have to deal with parsing millions of lyrics submissions per month to remove duplicates and otherwise maintain its lyrics database.

You can now dedicate songs to friends within TuneWiki

According to the company, TuneWiki’s Spotify app provided song lyrics 45 million times to 900,000 people within April alone, and 2.1 million people have used the app so far.  It recently unleashed a slew of improvements to its Spotify app designed primarily to make it easier to share lyrics:

  • Using the mobile apps, you can now select lyrics on the screen and send them to a friend. According to Goldberg, one big reason people check song lyrics is to make sure they’re right before sending them along. This feature will make that easier, and also allows you to send emotionally-charged lyrical references to that certain someone as you listen to the song in question.
  • You can now dedicate a song to friends via Facebook or Twitter.
  • A new “trending lyrics” section lets you see what songs other people are wondering about.
  • The app can share lyrics directly into Facebook by integrating with its Open Graph.
In addition, TuneWiki updated its Android app for Google’s new Ice Cream Sandwich operating system for “improved performance and speed,” and revamped so that you can search for lyrics there and see what people are talking about within the TuneWiki network.