May 10, 2012 at 10:03 am

Latest Spotify Apps Offer Musical Love Connections

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Step aside, Chuck Woolery! There’s a new matchmaker in town — actually, two. The latest round of Spotify apps — and Fellody — offer to help people find romance through music.

These are by no means the first apps to attempt to match lonely hearts based on their musical taste, which is as good an indicator of potential harmony as anything, and possible a better one. If you’re beside yourself with excitement for the upcoming Godspeed You Black Emporer! tour, you probably don’t want to date a Rihanna-ceros.

Both of these apps (screenshots below) help connect you with friends or lovers based on the artists you listen to the most. We’ve been tracking since last year, but Fellody is new to us. The official descriptions do a fine job of describing these two:

• Tastebuds: The app will match you with a potential partner based on the artists you’ve listened to most on Spotify and your collection of playlists. Filter matches by gender, age and location, and message matches in real-time and share playlists with them directly. Add your Songkick details to your profile to share gigs that you are going to on your profile – the perfect setting for an offline meet up!

• Fellody: Simply drag and drop Spotify playlists into the app to find friends and potential love interests with the highest match rate. Instantly send a ‘flirt’ or browse your matches’ tastes to discover new music. Check out the top artists to see the most popular artists amongst the Fellody community.

Online dating is a massive industry, with over a billion dollars in revenue per year. Last year, 17 percent of the marriages in the United States were a direct result of online dating sites according to StatisticBrain, and that probably doesn’t count Facebook and other general-purpose social networks. Spotify stands to grab at least a tiny chunk of that action, and possibly more. Even if people only use these apps out of curiosity, they’ll be listening to more music on Spotify, and Spotify always wants that. In addition, app developers who have made Spotify apps in the past have told that they saw traffic boom as a result, so this appears to be a win-win for everyone, including the GYBE fan who now has a way to meet people who also do not like Rihanna. is powered by the music people scrobble to and the music Likes on their Facebook page, but so far, it doesn’t pay attention to what you scrobble to Facebook. We wouldn’t be too surprised to see that change, given the close relationship between Spotify and Facebook. Fellody gives you a bit more control over what you seem like, because it lets you add specific Spotify playlists rather than all your listening habits. This means that if you like death metal but don’t want to date a death metal fan, you can leave that playlist out and put your best foot forward.

As with all other Spotify apps, these ones are only for the desktop version of Spotify; not even the iPad version of Spotify is capable of running apps internally. However, there are at least 47 standalone iOS apps that are powered by Spotify.

So, what are you waiting for, 54 million single people in this country? Tastebuds and Fellody are now live in the App Finder within Spotify. Here are my matches in each service, provided here for theoretical purposes, and I don’t just say that because my wife could be reading this.

My matches (with default age range):

My Fellody matches: