May 4, 2012 at 9:35 am

TokStar: Like for Karaoke

tokstar social karaoke

For those who wish to enjoy online the potent mix of glory and humiliation that karaoke brings, tokStar represents a promising new development. Choose your song, enter your name, enable your camera and microphone, wait your turn, and you’re up and running on its virtual stage, singing your heart out for the voting pleasure of other visitors to the site.


Dodson watches himself singing; the app includes a slight time delay you wouldn't notice under normal circumstances (photo: Eliot Van Buskirk).

TokStar is still a bit rough around the edges, having been created by Andrew Dodson and Ling Khor in a single weekend at Music Hack Day Sydney. For example, you can vote performers up or down as many times as you want — including for yourself; the songs are 30-second samples, for now anyway; and the vocals aren’t stripped out from the backing tracks yet, or at least they weren’t in the songs we tested.

“One person could be streaming to thousands” using the app, said Dodson, adding that he’s working on adding full track playback, having now demonstrated the concept. Khor said the pair tried to add lyrics to the app over the weekend, but didn’t have time. Those should be coming at some point as well.

Still, it’s an impressive app for a weekend’s work. With a little more development, tokStar could be worth singing about.

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