May 3, 2012 at 11:49 am

Unreleased Rage++ iPad App, Designed for Party Music, Does Not Enrage Us

rage++ music hack day sydney

We’ll stop writing about all the neat stuff to emerge from Music Hack Day Sydney at some point, but I’m not done with this thing yet, even as my jetlag is finally waning. Although this latest iteration of the Music Hack Day series produced only just north of 20 functional apps, they were all humdingers.

Take rage++ for example, pictured above. This as-yet-unreleased iPad app mines either your four most-posted bands from anyone’s This Is My Jam profile or recently-played artists from Australia’s Triple J Radio station, and serves up a YouTube- or Rdio-powered radio station, displaying each band’s biography and lyrics in a neat informational box, and the playlist below the video. As you listen, you can rate songs Crap, Good, or Epic, or ban artists entirely, to improve your station in the future, and it can output audio and/or video to AirPlay devices.

“What I’d use it for is AirPlay-ing the video to my Apple TV and then, if you have a party or whatever, you could have the playlist going on your TV with live clips, proper video clips, and things like that,” explained Filter Music CTO and co-founder Stuart Hall, who built this fairly slick app over the course of a single weekend. Essentially, anyone at the party with a This Is My Jam account would be able to “DJ” simply by entering their user name into the app. “You can also add an artist manually,” he added, if someone at the party has a request, and “you can also do it by genre. If you want Alternative and maybe a bit of Black Metal, it will start adding songs within those genres. And if you don’t want the visual side, you can switch over to Rdio.”

We’ve seen this concept before, but not for Rdio subscribers.

“It’s basically exactly like SpotOn Radio,” he said, “but it works with Rdio instead of Spotify.”

Hall says he might release this thing, although it’s unclear whether that would be as part of Filter Music (which also makes Discovr) or as a standalone release. That just leaves one question… Where does that name come from? As it turns out, Rage is a popular video show in Australia.

In addition to Triple J, Rdio, This Is My Jam, and YouTube, this unreleased iPad app uses technology from The Echo Nestpublisher of and Musixmatch, in typical Music Hack Day fashion.

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