May 3, 2012 at 2:26 pm

Soundtrack of You: Another Way to Listen to Music from your Conception

The Byrds and the Bee Gees web app attracted a fair amount of attention at Rethink Music Hack Day for the way it generated a Spotify playlist based on what your parents were likely listening to when you were conceived, with an extra option that asks you to specify “whether your dad was smooth back then.”

Springing from Music Hack Day Sydney this past weekend was a similar concept, Soundtrack of You, this time using data from Rdio and Rovi, so that subscribers to that service the chance to do the same. Or, if you don’t subscribe, you can hear a 30-second sample.

Crafted in a single weekend, as with everything else at Music Hack Days, Soundtrack of You employs a keyhole interface that allows you to “peek in” to see what song was playing:

soundtrack of you

Here’s what it came up with for me, using the same fake birthday with which I’ve been registering for online services since the late ’90s… unfortunately, it’s some sort of faux Jimi Hendrix song:

Still, it’s an amusing diversion, and people on the web seem to like those. You can give it a try here.

By the way, if a third team wants to attempt another iteration of this “conception music” concept, please keep in mind that conception occurs an average of 280 days before birth, which isn’t the same as nine months (which is only 275 days, give or take).

Soundtrack of You was created by David Lewis and Simon Wright at Music Hack Day Sydney.

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