May 3, 2012 at 4:27 pm

Game-Changer: Embeds Music from Spotify, SoundCloud,, More

tomahk tomahawk embeddable music player open sourceIf you’ve already heard of the social cross-service music app for the desktop, Tomahawk, you already know how cool it is.

Freelance developer Syd Lawrence, the same man who brought us the frivolous This Was My Jam, donned his thinking cap to build, a simple-to-use web app that lets anyone embed music on blogs or link to songs with ease, from multiple sources.

Constructed at Music Hack Day Sydney, the embeddable version of does essentially the same thing as Spotify’s new music player for the web – except it works across a bunch of different services, including not only Spotify but also Rdio, SoundCloud, Deezer,,,, jamendo, and dilandau. That means the tracks can play even for users who don’t have Spotify installed.

Search (created by Lawrence and other members of Team Tomahawk) for an artist and song, and you’ll receive not only a unique URL for that song, suitable for posting on Facebook or any other text-based communications medium, but also HTML code you can paste anywhere such code is used, like so:

It just works, despite all the complicated machinery happening behind the scenes.

“One thing that I’ve noticed at this weekend is that… everyone is using a different [music] service,” said Lawrence. “So I created a simple track-playing API. It’s really simple to use to play a track… just give it an artist name and a track title, and that’s literally all you need to do.”

He was addressing the other developers in the room, suggesting that they can build services that hook into using its API in order to deliver music from multiple services within their apps. Now that this API is available, we expect to see plenty of blogs and apps incorporating it, because it’s such a simple way to draw music from multiple sources for fans to enjoy.

But it’s not just for developers and music bloggers. You can also use as a simple web app for playing just about any song, even if you don’t know an API from your elbow.

Read’s full coverage of Music Hack Day Sydney.

  • Julius Silviu Mathe

    Is there also in plan to search the web app also for entire albums from artists, and not just single tracks? That’s in the eventuality that one would want to embed an entire album on a site, much like the new Spotify player works actually.

  • sydlawrence

    It’s early days Julius :) it is also only a hobby at the moment

  • guest

    does it still check youtube?

  • Stran12

    Syd, I’m working on an app right now, and would like to work with you to come up with something great for the music world