May 2, 2012 at 6:03 pm

Soundtastic Serves Up ‘Pop-Up Video’ and Smart Radio from YouTube

soundtastic music hack day sydney 2012 eric bae

Eric Bae demonstrates Soundtastic at Music Hack Day Sydney (poorly-lit photo: Eliot Van Buskirk).

First, let us note that you cannot yet use Soundtastic, built by Eric Bae at Music Hack Day Sydney this past weekend. But we witnessed a fully-functional demonstration, and it was pretty impressive.

Bae likens his creation to “StumbleUpon for music,” and in a way, he’s right. Soundtastic mines your Facebook page for your Likes, then starts playing a customized YouTube music radio station, allowing you to “stumble upon” other music you might like.

To tweak those recommendations, his web app gives you four sliders for tempo, loudness, danceability, and energy (Soundtastic uses technology from multiple companies including The Echo Nestpublisher of You can Love, Hate, or Next any song, which Bae says evolves the algorithm further.

He packed all sorts of other goodies into his creation though, like the ability to turn on “Pop-Up Video“-style nuggests of information that display over the video for a few seconds, containing trivia or quotes from blogs about the bands. Although those are automatically generated using the above-mentioned technology, they provided remarkably entertaining pop-ups.

That’s not all. Soundtastic also lets you add your own Pop-Up Video-style information nuggets to any video by clicking on a spot and then typing. Bae told he’ll probably make those available to other users who see the same video, too. Finally, it displays lyrics on the lower right, so you can sing along.