April 29, 2012 at 12:36 am

‘This Was My Jam’ Cracks Us Up with Humorous Twist

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — You might already know about This Is My Jam, which encourages users to post the one song they truly care about at any given time, in a refreshing change from the deluge of millions of songs that threaten to entertain music fans at any given time these days.

When you update your jam it disappears from the site — but not if you use This Was My Jam.

“This Was My Jam gets your previous jam from This Is My Jam rather than the current one, then it gets the tempo of the track, and then it beat-matches a stop animation of me eating what was my jam, for the duration of the song,” explained its creator Syd Lawrence. “So you’re listening to your jam while you’re watching me eating my jam.”

Simple, effective, and amusing. To try it, just enter your (or anyone else’s) user name from This Is My Jam here.

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  • Bumwit

    is “this is my jam” somehow affiliated with echo nest, the sponsor of evolver.fm? maybe you should mention that.