April 28, 2012 at 7:40 pm

Recco Bot for Music: The Only Twitter Bot You Might Ever Like

reccobot twitter music recommendation

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Most Twitter bots drive us insane with demands to buy tooth whitener or win free iPads. This one just wants to play you the music you want to hear.

It really couldn’t be much simpler: just enter an artist name, or some text with the artist name in it, and send that to @reccobot on Twitter. Most likely, you’ll receive a reply with a link to play a song by that artist on Toma.hk, a web music player that runs on the Tomahawk platform.

In addition to requesting artists, you can ask Recco Bot for styles or moods of music. A request for “reggae” returned Sean Paul’s “Get Busy,” for example.

This @reccobot trick works on smartphones or the web. And because Tomahawk connects to so many music services, you can play the song on extension.fm, SoundCloud, Last.fm, Spotify, Jamendo, or other options, depending on where it finds the song.

This is a fairly simple hack from Music Hack Day Sydney, but it already works most of the time. In addition, if you like the song it recommends, it’s no great leap to retweet the song to your Twitter followers, which could encourage Recco Bot to spread virally.

“It’s really just barebones,” said Hugh Kennedy, who told Evolver.fm that built Recco Bot in about three hours during this hack day. “It works. It’s nice.”

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