April 28, 2012 at 12:43 am

Facebook Hipster Promises To Be Klout for Music Fans

facebook hipster klout syd lawrenceSYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Facebook Hipster is a work in progress at this very moment, but developer and Music Hack Day Sydney participant Syd Lawrence promises he’ll finish it today and launch it tomorrow. From what we know about Facebook Hipster so far, it pushes a lot of the right buttons, functioning like a Klout for musical taste.

Enter your Facebook credentials into this web app and give it permission to see what you’ve been listening to in music services that work with Facebook Connect, and it will spit out a score showing precisely how hipsterish your taste in music truly is based on the last 25 tracks you’ve played. (Update: You can now also factor in your Last.fm profile instead.)

Facebook Hipster grabs those songs from Facebook (here’s how), and gauges how familiar those artists are to the general mostly-non-hipster populace using an API from The Echo Nest (which publishes Evolver.fm), and then presents a Klout-like score on a scale of 1 to 100. If you’re listening to Bieber (incidentally the only person on earth with a perfect Klout score), you’d presumably get a 1. Or if you’re so early on a band that only the band in the next Brooklyn rehearsal space over have ever heard of them, you should receive a perfect Facebook Hipster score of 100.

Lawrence says part of the reason he’s making the app is to show how easy it is to grab this data from Facebook; so far, the app consists of just 73 lines of code. But if it works, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it catch on. After all, if the success of Klout has taught us anything, it’s that people really want to plug their personal data into an impersonal algorithm to see a number reflecting their personal worth… even hipsters.

Update (4:24pm Australian EST): The private alpha is already working. My score is low. In my defense, a very small person in my household listens to children’s music; another person in my household has been revisiting a certain popular classic rock band recently; and all three of us tend to listen to this in the morning:

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