April 27, 2012 at 9:28 pm

Music Hack Day Sydney Showcases Aussie Ingenuity, Worldwide Technology

music hack day sydney 2012 kristy wright

Music Hack Day Sydney 2012 organizer Kristy Wright of Filter Squad (makers of the Discovr apps) introduces the API presenters (photo: Eliot Van Buskirk).

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Australia’s first-ever Music Hack Day has begun here at Red Bull’s Sydney headquarters, and judging from the volume and intensity of the initial conversations between the over 50 hackers and sponsors in attendance, it’s going to be real “corker,” as we say here down under.

The music hackers are honing their ideas and preparing to form teams, as they wait to hear presentations from the sponsoring companies who will provide some of the tools they’ll use over the next 24 hours to build functional music apps, which they’ll present to each other tomorrow, competing for bragging rights and prizes.

music hack day sydney 2012

Software ninjas and hardware tweakers gather in one of the Music Hack Day Sydney rooms at Red Bull headquarters in anticipation of music apps to come (photo: Eliot Van Buskirk).

Evolver.fm is on the scene to bring you full coverage as the hacks unfold — some of which will likely become commercial music apps, and all of which promise to be interesting at least on a conceptual level.

“It’s just fantastic for us to have all of these people come together from all different parts of the world in one room,” said David McKinney, CEO and Founder of Filter Squad, maker of the Discovr apps, and host of the event. “For us here in Australia, we’re pretty isolated, so the chance to get together and create stuff is so exciting.”

Although technology unites the world, this particular Music Hack Day promises a unique Australian flavor.

“Technology’s pretty global now, and things cross-pollinate very quickly, so I think we’re going to kick the world’s ass today,” added McKinney. “I’m also really excited about some of the Australian data. We’ve got Triple J, which is an independent, alternative, government-run, national radio station, and they’re providing some private data [popular songs through history, currently-playing music, etc.], and that’s really exciting for us to look at too. I think it’s going to be fun to play with.”

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