April 25, 2012 at 10:29 pm

Here Comes Music Hack Day Sydney; Revisit Best Apps from Previous MHDs

music hack day sydney

The Official Music Hack Day Sydney poster (click to expand).

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Evolver.fm (well, one of us anyway) will cover Music Hack Day Sydney this weekend, where hackers from down-under will gather at Red Bull headquarters to build functional music apps — officially considered “hacks” due to the speed with which they are constructed — and hardware gizmos during a single weekend.

Although these hacks are built over the course of 48 hours, they really work — they have to, because their creators present them to the group at the end of the event for a chance to win prizes. We’ll be following along with the action, as is our wont, so stay tuned for full coverage as these brave hackers build and demonstrate their musical creations.

We’ve covered several of these hack days to date, and they never cease to amaze, spawning everything from invisible instruments to party apps that select music based on Facebook RSVPs. We fully expect Music Hack Day Sydney to come through as well.

In anticipation of that, here’s a selection of impressive apps/hacks from previous Music Hack Days, Hackathons, and Hack Weekends, plus a link to every music hack day article we’ve ever written:

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HackLolla, Lollapalooza’s music hack day (7/20/11): Lollascope, Plan-a-Palooza, Bandcast, more

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