April 20, 2012 at 12:57 pm

Beatonica Turns Your Twitter Pals into a Beat-Making Sampler

beatonica sampler sequencer web app

Earlier this week, we covered a new “Twitter for music” service called Splash.fm.

Beatonica, on the other hand, might be considered the flipside: “music for Twitter.” It creates a simple-to-use sample-based instrument out of your Twitter friends.

Yes, Beatonica is gimmicky, but we’re not scared of that when it comes to free web apps. Besides, it looks good, sounds good, and lets anyone with a web browser make music by triggering their friends’ automatically-generated musical sounds, then share it.


Beatonica includes a simple tutorial in the form of this diagram and some handy step-by-step instructions, in case you're not used to samplers and sequencers.

To use it, simply head over to Beatonica and sign in with your Twitter account. That’s the entire set-up process. Then, Beatonica randomly assigns you a sound from a pool of over 1,000 samples, and does the same for your friendsunless they have already used it, in which case they already have a sound. Here’s ours.

This free web app starts playing a pattern right away, so you can see what it sounds like, clicking friends to trigger the samples associated with them.

Crypton Future Media’s Beatonica is clearly a toy, but it really works, with some nice options familiar to people who use sequencers: three quantization options, adjustable BPM, and the ability to clear one or all of the samples and replace it with another of your Twitter pals.

Once you’ve recorded a 16-step pattern, you can shuffle in new sounds, or toggle back to Play in order to add to your recorded sequence. When you’re happy with (or at least amused by) your progress, Beatonica makes it easy to share it on social networks or email with just a few clicks.

Thanks to Evolver.fm fan and Crypton Future Media employee Kanae Muraki of Sapporo, Japan for the heads up. Do you make music apps too? Let us know.