April 12, 2012 at 5:33 pm

App Alley: Pop-Up Mobile, Game, Application Showcase

app alley digitalmusic.orgAt the first-ever App Alley event from DigitalMusic.org, the digital division of the National Association of Recording Merchandisers (a.k.a. NARM), start-ups and established companies alike will show off music apps and platforms to attendees of Music Biz 2012 in Los Angeles on May 9.

Music apps: We like them. As such, Evolver.fm is a proud media sponsor of App Alley.

So far, exhibiting companies include some of our favorites like Indaba Music, Dubset, Mashery, Spotify, Microsoft XBox, Next Big Sound, SF Music Tech, Fanzillo, Synchtank, and others hoping to attract the attention of MusicBiz 2012 attendees, which should be easy, because App Alley will be located just outside the main ballroom where the keynote presentations will be held.

“It’s designed for smaller app developers to show off their stuff,” Antony Bruno, the former Billboard digital music reporter who is organizing the event, told Evolver.fm. “And for companies with broader app ecosystems, we can carve out a corner of the demo area where they can invite and showcase different app developers using their platform.”

NARM and Digitalmusic.org vice president of digital strategy and business development Bill Wilson agrees with us that while music itself isn’t defined by technology, the business of music is.

“The future of the music business is being defined by technology, and we wanted to create a showcase for these innovative companies at Music Biz 2012,” said Bill Wilson, VP of Digital Strategy & Business Development for NARM and digitalmusic.org. “NARM created digitalmusic.org to serve the collective needs of this new constituency, and we see our Music Startup Academy and various startup-oriented working groups and now App Alley as a great low-cost way for developers to become engaged with our music executive community. We appreciate the support of Evolver.fm, Parisoma and SFMusicTech for App Alley.”

We’re excited too! Stay tuned for more on this event. Interested exhibitors can register here using our discount code: evolver149.