March 30, 2012 at 10:30 am

Spotify Puts Over 1,000 Years of Music on Facebook Timeline

spotify history of music facebook

Cartoon depicting the evolution of music courtesy of Spotify's Facebook Timeline.

Maybe next week we’ll manage to stop writing about Spotify for five seconds, but this is just too interesting to pass up. As of this morning, Spotify’s Facebook Timeline now includes over a thousand years of music, which you can listen to at your leisure, assuming you have the time.

Scroll back to the year 1001 A.D. for “Organum Experiments” as reproduced by “singing ladies and nuns.” It’s not bad, actually; I thought we didn’t start busting out jams like that until at least the 13th century.

Speaking of which, at 1300, prepare for the musical stylings of Philippe De Vitry, who shocked the world with Ars Nova, a new way of thinking about musical polyphony.

Spring forward to 1959 for the creation of Motown Records. Actually, don’t; that link appears to be busted, for now anyway. But you get the point: This is the Timeline concept taken to a fairly extreme place, with listenable links that let you skip through the ages like some sort of musical Bill or Ted, snacking on whatever treats you find.

Spotify explained its thinking in a note posted a few hours ago on its Facebook page:

We’ve decided to turn our fan page into a destination where you can discover and listen to the history of music.

If you’re looking to learn when Frank Sinatra released his first album, what year Monteverdi was born, when Britney released “…Baby One More Time,” what were the biggest music stories in 1969, or just how old you were when L’il Wayne put out Tha Carter III then we’ve got you covered.

Of course, all this is just the beginning. We’ll be adding more and more huge historical landmarks in the coming weeks as well as keeping you up to date with the freshest and most important music moments of today.

Check it out for yourself. Not bad, right?

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    This post is just more blather in the universe, eh?  Folks shouldn’t wait around for some APP to hip them to the wide world of music!