March 28, 2012 at 4:33 pm

Turn Your Favorite Band into a Sandwich

soundwich music food drink app hack dayLast year’s Music Hack Day Boston gave us Drinkify, a web app that went viral by suggesting the perfect cocktail to drink while listening to any musicians. For Johnny Cash: equal parts Jack Daniels and honey. For The Mummies: 6 oz. of Bud Light. For Gwar: 8 ounces of Beefeater gin, of course.

This year, at Music Hack Day Amsterdam, Michael Scheiben created Soundwich, a web app that turns any recording artist into a virtual sandwich of musical data. Do we smell a trend?

Users interact with Soundwich by answering prompts like ‘Which artist made the first record you bought,’ and ‘What artist did you discovered [sic] recently?’ (Pro tip: To get to some of the questions, you need to go through the About page.)

After you provide a musician, this whimsical web app cooks up multi-decker sandwich for you, each layer providing a tidbit of information about the artist: similar artists, top albums, countries in which the artist is popular, SoundCloud songs, incidentally, cocktail recipes from Drinkify.

Scheiben created the app using APIs from Soundcloud,, Musixmatch, Musicmetric, MusicBrainz and The Echo Nest (publisher of

Is this concept silly? Definitely. But Music Hack Days have a grand tradition of producing apps with a touch of humor, and beneath the whimsy lies a useful aggregator of musical data. Plus, sandwich gimmick aside, the lively, colorful interface is sort of engaging. And it’s not like you have to buy any new hardware.

As lovers of tasty food, musically-accurate booze, and groovy tunes, we can only hope this trend of culinary music apps continues. How about an app that generates a playlist to listen to while cooking or eating a particular dish? Or one that compiles a list of all the food and drinks mentioned in the songs of your favorite artist?

The sky is the limit. Speaking of which… Do you have an idea for the next great food-related music app, but not the technical know-how to build it? We want to hear about it for the next round of Untapped Apps.