March 16, 2012 at 3:27 pm

Video: Miselu’s Sweet-Looking ‘Neiro’ Keyboard with Android, Touchscreen (Updated)

The main problem with SXSW is that you typically miss 95 percent of the stuff you want to see, whether it’s bands, technology, or film. It’s just the nature of the beast. There’s simply too much going on.

Despite exchanging several emails with Malte Goesche of Miselu, the awesome-looking portable keyboard and music studio based on the Android operating system, we never saw the prototype in person, which is a shame — and entirely our fault.

miselu neiro

The Miselu Neiro is real (see video below).

We’re pestering Goesche for a photo of this rare beast, which goes beyond the usual music creation apps by making Android the center of a dedicated hardware device, with which music-makers can craft tunes on a real keyboard while running virtual effects and recording software.

Neiro looks pretty great from the video above. A pox on SXSW for being so action packed.

Here are the details, according to Miselu (update: we added photos of the real prototype below):

  • It’s a “portable, net-enabled social music device with a musical keyboard and a wide multi-touch display, and a variety of musical apps and cloud services.”
  • It runs on Google Android and has a touchscreen.
  • The apps that run on Neiro hook into social networks.
  • Developers and power users will be able to build and deploy their own apps to run on it.
  • Yamaha, which makes other electronic instruments that sound great, manufactures its sound chip, the “Yamaha AudioEngine Series Sound Chip NSX-1.” According to Miselu it “almost matches the sound of real musical instruments” and “offers a large[] variety of sound effects such as reverb, chorus and EQs.”

However, Engadget did manage to catch a peak of this thing. It’s real, and apparently, it’s shipping “sometime soon.”

If you’re still at SXSW, you can see it in booth 305. Otherwise, check out Miselu Neiro in this slightly frantic Engadget product demo from the show floor: