March 7, 2012 at 1:34 pm

Playlist: 375 Songs From Apple Events, Including Today’s iPad Unveiling

You’re following the live blogs about Apple’s big press event today. You might even be following Gawker’s live blog of Gizmodo’s live blog. But what do you listen to, assuming you’re not tuned in to these chatterboxes (who have succeeded in restreaming illicit livestreams at Apple events in the past, but appear to be failing at doing so today)?

We’re in the same boat, since we’re not attending Apple’s event this time. For starters, it’s in San Francisco, we’re on the east coast, and we have to get to Austin on Friday for SXSW. But we have the perfect playlist for listening to along with the liveblogs: Every song played at every Apple event, to the best of Wikipedia’s knowledge — plus what we have cobbled together from today’s liveblogs (scroll down to the bottom for those, some of which we’re still refining — for example, the M83 song is currently an educated guess, which we hope to update).

You’ll need Spotify in order to listen  [update: We also made a Grooveshark version using ToGrooveshark, which turns Spotify playlists into Grooveshark playlists]. We’d include it on every other service too, if such a thing were easier.

Here’s the link to the Spotify version: Apple Event Music as of March 7, 2012


(with help from sharemyplaylists/stevenixon, Wikipedia, and various liveblogs; photo of today’s Apple event courtesy of Flickr/spieri_sf)