March 6, 2012 at 4:24 pm

Spotify Apps Played 1,500 Years of Music in First 3 Months

spotify apps

Spotify’s desktop application became an app platform three months ago, and 15 third-party apps are now accessible within the Spotify client, whether you pay for it or not. These apps let you listen to the music recommended by tastemakers and friends, find music based on your mood or Twitter trends, set up real-time group listening rooms, check lyrics, and more — and all of those activities become a front-end to Spotify’s library of over 15 million licensed tracks.

Spotify released an impressive statistic on its blog on Tuesday: that users of its apps — not just of Spotify itself, but of the above apps specifically —  have listened to over 1,500 years of music since the app platform launched three months ago. That’s a lot of music.

Spotify’s director of platform Sten Garmark unveiled the statistic at the Music Apps – Beyond the Hype event in London on Tuesday,  where he also shared Spotify’s usage latest statistics: 10 million active users total, with 3 million of them paying for the service — a so-called “conversion rate” of 30 percent. As for specific Spotify apps, he said Soundrop’s app has generated 15 million plays, TuneWiki’s app has led to over 100,000 edits of its lyrics by Spotify users, and MoodAgent’s app has resulted in the creation of an extra 3.5 million playlists per week.

Garmark also hinted about two new upcoming Spotify apps: The Complete Collection, which will display album art as music plays within Spotify, and The Legacy Of, which educates listeners about the musical influences on the currently-playing artist, including photos, biographies, playlists, and a list of the artists who influenced the artist, as well as they ones they themselves influenced.

“It’s been a great start,” writes Spotify spokesman Andres Sehr. “Watch out for more exciting news regarding Spotify Apps coming very soon!”

Oh, we will.

Update: We’re hearing the next round of Spotify apps will come out on Thursday.