March 5, 2012 at 5:08 pm

Exfm 2.0 for iPhone, Android Puts the Musical Web In Your Pocket

Here's the new Android version of exfm 2.0 (gallery below; all screenshots courtesy of Extension Entertainment).

Exfm began as a Google Chrome extension more suitable for geeks than music nerds, who might not really grasp the concept of browser extensions. Then it evolved into a ready-for-primetime web app, and after that, an app for Android and iOS that made us ponder the question, “With friends like these, who needs iPods?” However, the app versions still lagged behind the web version in terms of helping you discover new music you didn’t already know about.

No longer. On Monday, Extension Entertainment founder Dan Kantor alerted, that version 2.0 of the exfm apps for both Android and iOS are now available, bringing “all the awesomeness of the website to the apps – Trending Songs, Site of the Day, Album of the Week, Search and more.”

The sum total of these features is to turn the web into your own personal music collection. You can also use exfm as a music player app for the stuff stored on your iPhone or Android, but the real fun lies in playing the stuff you’ve tagged on the web using the Chrome extension, and following tastemakers using the Feeds feature — blogs like Gorilla vs. Bear, Stereogum and MTV Hive’ trending songs; new songs by genre; monthly mixtapes, and so on.

Here’s the full list of features that has been ported from the web version to the iPhone and Android versions:

  • New music feeds Trending, Genres and Tastemakers
  • Handpicked tracks via Site of the Day, Album of the Week and Monthly Mixtape
  • Instant search of millions of songs across all of exfm
  • Track sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr with one click
  • Real-time scroblling including local library plays
  • Friend finder from top social networks

You can install either version from here; this gallery shows the app in action on both platforms:

  • Daniel

    It’s really buggy on Android unfortunately. Feels like they should rewrite the app from the ground up.

  • kirklove

    Hey Daniel. Thanks for checking out the app. Sorry you’re having issues. We just pushed an update to Android. 2.0.1 if you haven’t grabbed that. We’re doing our best. Don’t agree it needs to be rebuilt, feel free to hit me up at kirk at ex dot fm and I’ll be happy to pipe you directly into our dev team with bugs.

  • MASE87

    Works great on Android 2.3, Thanks this app is Awesome!!!