February 27, 2012 at 1:05 pm

SongJitsu: Music Ninjas Match Wits on Spotify

songjitsuSoftware programmers gathered at the SPIN ping-pong establishment in Manhattan over the weekend to build music apps and present them to each other at Music Apps Hack Weekend, conducted by Spotify.

Taking home Doritos’ $5,000 prize: SongJitsu, a music trivia game that lets music fans try to out-nerd each other by choosing the ultimate song for a particular situation. To use SongJitsu’s own examples, the game might ask the group to supply the best song for downing Jagerbombs, describing Newt Gingrich, or finishing a marathon.

“In SongJitsu, a room of players is created, which is comprised of known or unknown warriors,” reads the official description. “All participating Song Ninjas are asked a question… and they must provide their most lethal song submission as an answer.

“Participating Ninjas lie in wait, as their foes’ songs populate the screen. From the results, Ninjas must vote on the best song, but they cannot vote on their own for the sake of honor. They may seek assistance in casting their vote for the best song by first listening to the soul-soothing beats of their opponents… May the wisest, most nimble-minded Ninja win.”

This sounds like fun; stay tuned and we’ll let you know when it launches. For fun, here are our quick answers to the questions above, with links to the songs on Spotify, as would happen in SongJitsu.

Downing Jagerbombs: R. Stevie Moore – “Steve Threw Up”

Describing Newt Gingrich: Kevin Breit  - “Uncle John’s Third Wife”

Finishing a marathon: Blur – “To The End”