February 17, 2012 at 10:44 am

VB on the Radio: Digital Music Collection Q-and-A on Soundcheck

It’s always a pleasure to chat with host John Schaefer on WNYC Soundcheck, airing locally in New York and nationwide on NPR affiliate stations. Yesterday, joined by music technology writer Geeta Dayal, we discussed digital music collections as part of the show’s “Supercollectors” series. (As usual, I stuck around to hear the musical guest, which a nice bonus to appearing on the show — this time it was Phenomenal Handclap Band.)

Anyway, you can tune in below to hear us field some audience questions about collecting digital music, and my on-air demonstration of the VinylLove iPad app.

  • Ben

    Hello, Eliot

    I listened to Soundcheck on WNYC the other day and was nor completely clear re all that is needed to go from vinyl analog to digital.  You mentioned in the state of the art question about the USB audio, but it seems there are many items with this combination of words.  Could you outline all the pieces that are needed to do the task and give a few examples of high end models for each?  Thanks.

    My email is kantb777@gmail:disqus.com