February 10, 2012 at 12:22 pm

Surprise, Surprise: Google Plans Wireless Music for the Home

android wireless music

Android devices such as these can stream to Apple AirPlay, as we reported yesterday. Today, Google appears to have fired back with news of a wireless music system of its own.

Just yesterday, we posted a widely-disseminated guide to zapping music from Android smartphones and tablets to Apple AirPlay devices. Why? Because Google has been slacking on its wireless Fling technology, leaving Apple to eat its wireless music lunch.

As we put it yesterday, “Google should be worried. This is how people develop a taste for Apple.”

We didn’t have to wait long for Google’s next move, as it turned out.

Today, sources connected to Google told the Wall Street Journal that Google is planning some sort of amorphous wireless music system for the home after all. Talk about timing: Between this development and Obama 2012′s Spotify playlist, we’re starting to feel quite influential… or maybe we suffer from delusions of grandeur.

Either way, here’s what Google appears to be planning in terms of wireless music within the home, judging the shreds of information reported by WSJ:

  • Google’s wireless music device for the home will be branded either Google or Android.
  • It will be available later this year.
  • It will be sold by retailers, but nobody knows which ones.
  • Like Apple AirPlay does for iOS, it would stream music from Android devices to home entertainment systems, which are usually the nicest speakers in the house. (That’s why we think the television is such a killer app platform.)
  • Like Apple AirPlay, it would be licensed to third-party manufacturers so they could make compatible speaker systems.
  • Like Apple AirPlay already does, it will eventually be able to stream video too.
  • Like Apple AirPlay (Apple TV and Airport Express), it will be cheaper than Sonos.
  • It might be linked to Android @Home (something a Google source told us recently as well), so you’d be able to control your air conditioner along with your music.
What will Google do next? Stay tuned to find out, apparently.
  • Anonymous

    Since its debut a few years ago, I’ve been an airport express fan. It’s why I use iTunes, it’s why I use an iPod, it’s why when I get a smartphone, it will probably be a iPhone. (on balance I prefer and choose using MS Windows ) I found the device so fundamental for anyone who likes listening to music on audio systems larger than headphones – and other product has really come close to mimicking its functionality. 

    SO this might be something! But between how rock solid itunes/Airplay/ipod are, it’s going to be a tough sell to move me away from their service-oriented ecosystem.

    I only wish that you could natively stream to remote speakers from any application on a windows box (I know there are a few plugin type apps to enable this, but native support is so much nicer).