February 9, 2012 at 2:14 pm

Obama’s Spotify Playlist vs. Romney’s Fictional Playlist

barack obama spotify playlist

The official Spotify playlist of Barack Obama's 2012 campaign

It’s our world; politicians just live in it.

Evolver.fm has a long history of posting thematic playlists, usually with Spotify, to commemorate everything from Hurricane Irene to Occupy Wall Street to the SOPA/PIPA situation — a tradition that technically goes back to a collaborative playlist on Wired.com in May ’09.

Is someone from the Obama campaign reading about music apps on Evolver.fm?

The week after we published our playlist of presidential theme songs from the annals of history (reposted by Gizmodo with our permission, natch), Obama — or more likely one of his people – announced on Twitter the availability of an official Barack Obama 2012 Campaign playlist.

Obama’s reelection playlist (listen here) features not one but two songs by Darius Rucker. That is not what concerns us now — as concerning as it is that arguably the most powerful person in the world listens to Hootie.

What’s more impressive is the way Obama’s people have embraced social music. This playlist was created about three hours ago, and it already has 1808 subscribers within Spotify. That might not sound like a lot, but it is. Plenty of people don’t know what Spotify is, and if they do, they may not know how to subscribe to a playlist. As younger voters grow older, and shareable playlists enter the mainstream, Spotify and other media sharing sites will likely become a new political battleground.

We wonder how long it will take until Romney, Gingrich and the rest fire back. If they don’t, people might be tempted to make those playlists for them… oh, wait:

Mitt Romney did not approve this message, but someone created it anyway.

What’s next — a Turntable.fm-style debate, replete with Awesome and Lame buttons? We wouldn’t be surprised.

(Screenshot of Mitt Romney’s fictional Spotify playlist courtesy of Facebook/Brian Ries)