February 8, 2012 at 12:42 pm

Vote on the Best Fictional Music Apps in ‘Untapped Apps: Round Three’

untapped apps round three - vote on fictional music apps

We’ve chased downreviewed, analyzed, and cataloged thousands of music apps at Evolver.fm in the past year, but countless ideas remain for developers to build — and for the rest of us armchair inventors to conceive.

Our Untapped Apps surveys consist of music app ideas from the wacky to the wonderful, for your reading and voting pleasure. We saw some great results from round one and round two; now we’re on to the third round of Untapped Apps.

To put things in perspective, music apps (with certain exceptions) don’t save lives (unlike this plan for mapping defibrillators with apps). Still, powerful, well-thought-out, pleasant-to-use music technologies undoubtedly raise the quality of our lives.

In that spirit, Evolver.fm’s Untapped Apps surveys are designed to tease out some of these next-level ideas. Anyone can submit an idea for the next round, and when we’re satisfied with the list, it goes up for voting.

Without further ado (actually, with a little more ado, because you’ll have to click through another page), here’s the third round of Evolver.fm’s Untapped Apps survey.


(Photo courtesy of Flickr/oewf)