February 7, 2012 at 2:59 pm

Album Scout Outdoes iTunes Genius on the iPhone

Music heads have a new way to connect with the artists they love on iOS devices. An alternative to Apple’s Genius music recommendation software, Album Scout ($1) allows users to discover new music, track their artists, and share what they find with their friends.

The first time you run the app, Album Scout automatically grabs information from your iOS device’s library and instantly provides you with a sleek and attractive cover flow, displaying newly-released albums from the artists in your collection. We preferred this view to the other option, which lets you slide down a list of albums.

Tap any album to listen to track previews and see how popular each track is according to the iTunes store. If you like what you hear, Album Scout can connect you to iTunes so your shopping spree can begin. Again, we liked the cover flow version best, but one advantage exists to using list view instead: a “Show Greatest Hits” filter, which helps deals with bands like Journey that tend to release the same songs in multiple collections.

In addition to the new releases, this app can also enhance the music already stored on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Tapping “Library” displays your iOS device’s music collection in an easy-to-navigate format, including biographies, a list of similar artists, and the artist’s top albums, all from Last.fm.

Helpfully, you can choose whether or not to scout a particular artist from your collection — or scout artists you like, even if their music isn’t on your device. Whatever you find, you can share with friends via email, text message, or Twitter from within the app. The functionality of Tunes Genius on iOS, on the other hand, is limited to generating playlists from music stored on the device — and that’s it.

Album Scout developer Matthew Toohey told Evolver.fm, “I developed Album Scout because I kept realizing good albums had slipped past me. I had hoped that [iTunes] Genius would be good for this purpose, but I found it was very hit and miss. It kept recommending songs from the past that I had already decided were not to my taste… good apps need a sharp focus, and so I chose to focus only on the discovery of new music. That way, you can stay up to date with your musical tastes with Album Scout, and Genius can do what it is best at: discovering music from the entire catalog.”

We had fun discovering music with Album Scout, a great app for fans who consistently crave for new music. For $1, you can start scouting too.

  • Jbarnarda

    Love this app. Nothing else keeps me up to date with the latest albums from my favourite artists better